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The June Spray: Opening Weekend 2015

Summer has arrived!
And we hope you have too.
Welcome to PF Summer 2015.
93 years in the making.
Let’s make it a great one!

Do you remember how you arrived here?
What drew you to PF?

I hope it’s the unique and special environment:
the beauty of Lake Crawford, the rustic trails,
the cool winding stream, the sight & spray of the Falls,
Sunday walks to church, Opening & Closing potluck picnics,
The Tea Room (or The Coffee Shop for some!), the people you meet
&  greet, the many activities + events, and the rich history of
cottages, people and PFLA traditions.
Shuffleboard? Horseshoes?

This is Opening Weekend.
See what’s in store starting this Friday night.
Saturday early morning BOD meeting & then our Annual Meeting
where we will recognize our many accomplishments of this past year.

Get ready for Saturday’s potluck picnic.
Help Bill Simolike set up, flip burgers & take it all away again!
Sunday morning church service with David Zimmerman’s pastor from NYC.
And more. Get your calendar/phone out and participate.
Free wifi in the Tea Room, if you must connect.
Rumors about a museum in the making?
Read on.

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