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2020 Season Opening — Annual Meeting at 10 am June 27

PFLA will officially open the season on Saturday June 27 and with the COVID-19 situation, many things will be adjusted but we are still excited to come together for a fun summer.

PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING! We know it is hard to see people you love and have not seen for months, but please respect the need to stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask. There will be wipes and spray bottles in the beach shed, bathrooms and shuffleboard equipment shed so please take the time to wipe down anything you use.

There will be regular updates in the Spray and the weekly Spritz so please pay attention to those for late breaking news.

The Annual Meeting with be held at the center at 10 am on Saturday June 27. The Annual Reports and instructions were emails to members. Please only send 1 member from your membership. We will try to keep the meeting brief and the agenda limited to just the details needing member attention right now.

The Tea Room will open on Friday June 26th at 7 PM  for the season and like everything else, COVID-19 Green is driving lots of changes.  Among them are hours, seating and payment.

  • Hours of operation will be

.                            Tuesday-Thursday 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

                              Friday and Saturday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

                              Closed Sunday and Monday

  • Masks are required for service and social distancing is mandatory. Additional outside seating will be available.
  • Payment options will be exact cash (no change will be returned and overage will be contributed back to PFLA), checks made out to PFLA, or a Member Tea Room Tab.
  • The Member Tea Room Tab allows you to authorize family or friends to charge items to your account up to a total dollar limit that you specify. Members got a link to the form to sign up in the Spritz and Spray. If you did not receive it, email us at PFLAInfo@ .

Worship will be happening on Sundays at 10:30 but the locations will vary according to weather. Please look for emails and posts on Facebook for the most up-to-date news.

Storm Damage Update

It was a rough winter and there are many trees down throughout the PF property, especially at the Falls. The Board will be working with the Property Committee to remove fallen trees that are necessary to keep the Association grounds safe and accessible.  Trees fallen on individual lots are the responsibility of the member to remove.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Due to the extensive damage, we will be suspending Quiet Time this year in order for members to be able to make repairs to their homes and property’s from storm related damage.

Quiet Time will still be in effect on Sunday morning’s until 12 noon.

Tick Season: Good Tips From Our Hunting & Fishing Chair


Spring has sprung. PF’ers will be spending more time outdoors taking walks, working around cottages, cleaning up after the winter. According to several articles, many surrounding states are predicting an unusually high tick population.
In the case of the deer tick and Lyme disease, prevention is much easier than the treatment. The problem is that Lyme disease is not easily detected because it mimics so many other diseases. Lyme disease is not the only disease spread by ticks.

Prevention Tips:
Spray with a product that contains 20 to 30% Deet or spray your clothes with a product containing Permethrin, such as a product called Sawyer, obtainable at Cabela’s Bass Pro Shop and at Dunkelberger’s. It is important that Sawyer is sprayed on your clothes and then let dry before wearing them. This product is good for 4 to 6 washes before the need to reapply. PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS before using any product containing Deet or Permethrin.

To Avoid Ticks:
     – Wear light-colored clothing.
     – Tuck your pants into your socks.
     – Tuck your shirt into your pants.
     – Wear a hat.
     – Spray your shoes, socks, belt-line, collar and hat with Deet or a Permethrin-containing tick repellent, not the skin.
     – Do a tick check after walking in high-risk areas.
     – Put any clothes that might have live ticks on them into a hot dryer for ten minutes to kill all insects.

Keep Your Family Safe! Do Tick Checks!

Cy Fritz,
Chairperson, Hunting & Fishing Committee

Introducing PFLAinfo!

Ever wonder who to email or contact when you have a question

or need to report information related to PFLA? 

Good news!

Royal Olson has come up with an online solution where you use

one email to get your answers timely and efficiently.

We have created the e-mail address that will be your

One Stop Source for information regarding PFLA.

Please use this e-mail address to:

  •        Ask questions
  •        Report problems
  •        Ask for assistance
  •        Update us about renters & contractors
  •        Provide your feedback to the Board


We hope this email system will help with questions such as:

  •        Where and when do I pick up fishing badges?
  •        What are the Tea Room hours?
  •        How may I obtain a Building Permit form?
  •        How may I obtain Annual Meeting information that I have misplaced?
  •        Who do I contact about a personal event at PFLA (family reunion, wedding)
  •      May I use the Falls/Lounge/Social Hall for an event?  Is there a cost?

To Let Us Know:

  •        Rental Info: Names & dates of families renting your cottage
  •        Contractor Info: Contractor names & dates when work is being done at your cottage

To Report Information Such As:

  •        A light is out on the Tennis Court
  •       Downed trees or large potholes on your street
  •       Sighting of unfamiliar car or persons on the grounds
  •       Bear sightings:  Time and Location

To better serve our community, it is important to inform the Association

when you have visitors on the grounds or at your home

when you are not on premises.

Our Process:

Your emails will be reviewed, forwarded to the appropriate

Board, Committee, or Association Member for assistance

and will be answered as quickly as possible.

We will closely monitor this e-mail. It may take a day or more to answer your questions.

We hope that will help facilitate a more rapid response to

Association questions and concerns to make our community even stronger!


Monroe County Public Alert & Notification System

Monroe County Emergency Management is offering this system to strengthen the safety of our communities and to enhance the County’s response to any emergency. We will use the Secure Alert Network to contact you during a major crisis or emergency and offer warning, provide guidance or request assistance. The Network delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to you through your registered devices such as:

  • email account (work, home, other)
  • cell phone (via SMS)
  • pager
  • smartphone/PDA (BlackBerry, Treo & and other handhelds)

When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will instantly notify you using the system. It is your personal connection to real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do, or what not to do, who to contact and other important information.

To sign up, please go to and click “New User” to set up an account.

PFLA Postcards and Ephemera Wanted

We are trying to expand our online archive of postcards, photos, brochures and ephemera relating to Paradise Falls.  If you haven’t already checked out the History section of the website, we would encourage you to do so.  Photos of current-day people and places are encouraged as well.

Please e-mail Erica at ems109{at}mac{dot}com with scans or leads on pre-printed or photographic ephemera that could be digitally captured and showcased on the website.

Thanks for your interest!

Reliable Contractors

Hi All.

I’d like to develop a list  of various contractors (plumbers, carpenters, well-drillers, electricians, roofers, etc.) that have established good reputations working for folks at PFLA .

Currently I need to get my well re-developed, and the last time I needed a plumber it was sort of an emergency that I just picked a name out of the phone book.  So I thought it would be useful for everybody  if we compiled a list.

Please send any references that you have and I will put the list together.

Thanks, Dave Reinbold


PFLA Online

If you’ve needed information in the last few months, we hope you’ve found that you can turn to our website to find out what is happening in Paradise. We would like to continue to expand and grow our web presence to be a clearinghouse for all things PF both during and after the season.

Photos and ephemera are especially of interest, both to our current members and those who have vacationed in Paradise Falls. Feel free to forward these items via e-mail or schedule an appointment to have them digitally scanned. If you have a membership for sale or a cottage for rent, be sure to list with us for added exposure on the website.

If you have suggestions on what can be added to the website or any ideas for new pages or information that should be shared, please contact our web editor, Erica Sollberger at ems109{at}mac{dot}com, 215.906.6231 or 570.629.7185.