Beach and Recreation

There are lifeguards on duty most weekends during the season. Please listen to the lifeguard and be sure to follow all the beach rules.  When no lifeguard is present, everyone swims at the own risk.

ALL beach rules are enforced, including:

The No’s
• No diving allowed from either dock or the raft.
• No swimming outside of the marked swim area.
• No boats in the swimming area.
• No smoking on the beach.
• No dogs on the beach.

The Yes’s
• Yes: put beach chairs, toys, noodles, and tubes away when you go home each day. Chairs go in the shed and rafts, tubes and other flotation devices go behind the shed.  PF has beach chairs members and guest can use.
• Yes: fill all holes you or your kids dig before you leave for the day, and refrain from putting sand in the lake (we hate to have to extend dredging to remove our own sand!).
• Yes: the three large life preservers are for emergency use only! Please do not use them for any other purpose.
• Yes: wear sunscreen!

Everyone under age 16 must pass a lap test to swim past the ropes (3 laps to swim to the end of the long dock and 5 laps to swim to the raft.)  See the lifeguard to take your lap test.

Fun & Games

There are lots of fun activities that volunteers schedule throughout the summer.  Be sure to check the Spritz and the bulletin board outside the tearoom each week for more information.