PFLA Trivia Contest 2018

Let’s see who knows PFLA trivia or can bribe someone to find out!

We are kicking off a weekly trivia game.

Here is how it works:

  1. The weekly question will appear in the Spritz and also in the tearoom.
  2. You can email your answer(s) to PFLA.
  3. Answers can be submitted weekly, or at the end of the season.
  4. Each correct answer will be worth 1 point.
  5. Big Prizes (well that might be an exaggeration – but there will be prizes!)
  • Week 1 Question: How many windows are there in Social Hall? (Do not include doors and count windows and not panes.)
  • Week 2 Question:  List cottages that are made predominantly of materials other than wood (ie stone, brick, stucco etc.)
  • Week 3 Question:   List members who are ministers.  
  • Week 4 Question:  List members living in separate cottages that are blood relatives.
  • Week 5 Question: List the names of married couples who met at PF. (They do not need to be members)
  •  Week 6:  List members whose families have been coming to PF for 4 or more generations.
  • Week 7:  List members and offspring who are known by the name of one of the 12 disciples.
  • Week 8:  List the names of pet dogs and their owners.
  • Week 9:  List the names of members who are fluent in more than one language.