Tick Season: Good Tips From Our Hunting & Fishing Chair


Spring has sprung. PF’ers will be spending more time outdoors taking walks, working around cottages, cleaning up after the winter. According to several articles, many surrounding states are predicting an unusually high tick population.
In the case of the deer tick and Lyme disease, prevention is much easier than the treatment. The problem is that Lyme disease is not easily detected because it mimics so many other diseases. Lyme disease is not the only disease spread by ticks.

Prevention Tips:
Spray with a product that contains 20 to 30% Deet or spray your clothes with a product containing Permethrin, such as a product called Sawyer, obtainable at Cabela’s Bass Pro Shop and at Dunkelberger’s. It is important that Sawyer is sprayed on your clothes and then let dry before wearing them. This product is good for 4 to 6 washes before the need to reapply. PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS before using any product containing Deet or Permethrin.

To Avoid Ticks:
     – Wear light-colored clothing.
     – Tuck your pants into your socks.
     – Tuck your shirt into your pants.
     – Wear a hat.
     – Spray your shoes, socks, belt-line, collar and hat with Deet or a Permethrin-containing tick repellent, not the skin.
     – Do a tick check after walking in high-risk areas.
     – Put any clothes that might have live ticks on them into a hot dryer for ten minutes to kill all insects.

Keep Your Family Safe! Do Tick Checks!

Cy Fritz,
Chairperson, Hunting & Fishing Committee